Coloring Systems & Stains

The table below summarizes the range of exceptional Coloring Systems & Stains products from Xcel Surfaces. Click on an individual product name to view more details about that product, including material safety data and color choices, where applicable.

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Product Name Description Features/Benefits Coverage* Tools
Dry Colour Powdered pigment used to color concrete and decorative overlayment systems Affords the applicator the versatility to design attractive, aesthetically pleasing colors and patterns, as well as provide solutions for many design challenges Add the amount necessary to achieve desired tints and hues
(do not exceed more than 10% of cement content or 1/4 per bag when using with Xcel Surfaces overlayments)
1 ounce measure
Universal Colorant A liquid pigment used for custom tinting of Xcel Top Coats and Stains Allows user to match a full palette of colors quickly and easily; ideal for coloring latex and alkyd staining systems. Tint as required Measure
Aqua Stain Penetrating Formula Coloring stain designed for use on concrete and Xcel decorative overlayments Superb penetration characteristics; adds vibrant color to any concrete surface, new or existing. Excellent UV and abrasion resistance for long-lasting results and durability 150-250 square feet per gallon Pump-type sprayer, stir sticks, bucket
Versa Tique Cementitous Antiquing Product. Versatile Coloring agent that can be easily applied and will hold fast to any textured concrete surfaces 2000-3000 square feet per 3 lbs Pump-type sprayer, stir sticks, bucket
Custom Staining System A unique staining system that consists of Xcel Top Coat, Clear Gaze, and Universal Colorant used specifically for Xcel decorative overlayments Varying levels of opacity and color; this custom staining system can be applied to achieve a variety of faux effects that will astonish your customers 200 square feet per gallon Pump-type sprayer, sponge, bucket, stir sticks, measure

* May vary depending on surface texture and porosity.