Urethane Sealer

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What is Urethane Sealer?

Urethane SealerAn extremely hard, high performance sealer for concrete and Xcel decorative surfaces. Specially formulated for superior ultraviolet, water and chemical resistance for interior and exterior jobs.

What Does Urethane Sealer do?

Creates an extremely tough sealed surface providing outstanding abrasion and wear resistance; extends the life and beauty of your work. Urethane Sealer does not yellow from the intense UV rays of the sun. Durable enough for high traffic and vehicle areas. Resists hot tire pickup and most chemical stains.

Produces a beautiful, easy to clean surface

Sealed finish resists deep penetration stains. Makes spills and regular cleaning a breeze. Clear, colorless formula, won’t modify or dull the colors you want to achieve. Brings out highlights and natural character of decorative surfaces. High gloss finish remains beautiful with minimal maintenance.


Approximately 200-250 square feet per gallon
*May vary depending on surface texture and porosity

For more information, refer to the Xcel Surfaces Installation Manual or call 800.644.9131


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