EEF Factor

EEF Factor

What is EFF Factor?

EFF Factor is a waterborne specialty hybrid emulsion sealer, incorporating proprietary performance enhancing chemistries; designed specifically for concrete and decorative overlayment flooring applications. EFF Factor sealer is low VOC and has excellent water blushing and adhesion characteristics.

What does EFF Factor do?

EFF Factor provides excellent efflorescence resistance as well as chemical, water, and stain resistance on all concrete or decorative overlayment applications. EFF Factor can also be used on masonry surfaces where efflorescence inhibiting is desired.

Easy to apply

EFF Factor two-coat application process can be brush, roller, or spray applied.

Application surfaces

Excellent adhesion to concrete, cementitious surfaces.


Approximately 250 square feet per gallon

*May vary depending on surface texture and porosity


For more information, refer to the Xcel Surfaces Installation Manual or call 800.644.9131