Epoxy Crack Treatment

Epoxy Crack Treatment

What is Epoxy Crack Treatment?

An innovative concrete crack treatment formulated as a semi-rigid, non-sag gel that gives you more control when making small repairs. It’s easy to install and stays where you want it.

What does Epoxy Crack Treatment do?

Fills and repairs horizontal and vertical non-moving cracks. Control joints, cracks and saw cuts (up to ½” wide), can be easily treated with this durable epoxy filler.

Supports edges

The flexible gel additive in this material helps it bond to smooth and rough surfaces providing added support to edges reducing future cracks.

Insensitive to moisture

Advanced resistance to water allows you to use Epoxy Crack Treatment in the wettest repair locations. (Not for use in underwater repair situations)

Easy to use

Convenient, two-part 22oz. dual cartridge fits standard double plunger epoxy gun for easy installation and added control when filling small cracks.


Approximately 45 linear feet at 1/4” wide x 1/4” deep

*May vary depending on surface texture and porosity


For more information, refer to the Xcel Surfaces Installation Manual or call 800.644.9131